How Storyworks 2 Aligns with the Science of Reading

 The science of reading is a body of research that explains how proficient readers learn to read. Studies show that to read proficiently, you must combine background knowledge and vocabulary skills with strong decoding skills.

By using Storyworks 2 in your class, you’re building background knowledge and big vocabularies. Paired with your systematic phonics program, Storyworks 2 is the perfect way to round out your reading instruction. 

 With Storyworks 2®, educators can:

 Build Background Knowledge

  •  Read and discuss a wide variety of science, social studies, history, or SEL topics in each of our six 32-page issues.
  • Dig deeper into topics with multiple articles on one essential question, helping kids strengthen and apply what they’ve read.
  • Watch inspiring nonfiction videos that provide facts and information about the topic covered in each issue.
  • Give students background knowledge before reading a longer text with our monthly Background Builder feature.
  • Encourage kids to apply the knowledge they’ve learned with our meaningful extension activities.

 Grow Big Vocabularies

  • Build important academic vocabulary (e.g., observe, compare) and content area vocabulary (e.g., carnivorous, compost) with our featured text.
  • Preview important words to know before reading with vocabulary slideshows, featuring photos, kid-friendly definitions, and read-aloud functionality.
  • Reinforce vocabulary through developmentally appropriate activities like drawing and using the new words in a sentence.
  • Deepen kids’ understanding of shades of meaning with our monthly synonym feature.
  • Spark rich discussions about vocabulary with our discussion questions.

To print the Science of Reading alignment, click here. For more information, call (800) 387-1437 or email [email protected]